Dancing with Aurora Borealis


Jan 12 2017 - 7:30pm
Jan 13 2017 - 7:30pm
Jan 14 2017 - 7:30pm

AcA's James Devin Moncus Theater

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Dancing with Aurora Borealis - A Conversation Between Yahweh and His Wife Asherah.

Hundreds of years before writing formalized religion as we know it today, Ancient Canaanite people viewed masculine, as well as feminine energy, as vital to their worldview. They worshiped both Yahweh and his Goddess Asherah equally.

“Dancing with Aurora Borealis” is a collaborative work written by poet Kelly Clayton, and imagined by her husband, lighting designer Brian Schneider. The concerns of long-time couples are remarkably similar around the world. And if we are indeed made in the image of our creators, the original couple must have the same conversations as we do.

When she finally decides to leave the marriage, audience members become eavesdroppers on Asherah, in a woman’s body, and Yahweh in the form of Light itself. The couple struggles to come to terms with their eternal relationship, shared responsibility of their “kids”, and with their views on the outcome of humanity.

Like children who hide and listen to parents argue, often misinterpreting the conversation, the audience learns to comprehend Yahweh’s silent language; a vocabulary of light through the lens of Ashera’s words.


About the Artists

Kelly Clayton
Kelly Clayton’s poetry has been published by, among others: Future Cycle Press, Delacorte Press, and China Grove Press. She is a VONA/ Voices, and Hedgebrook Alumni. She also teaches poetry and creative writing workshops in Louisiana public and private schools, The Lafayette Juvenile Detention Center, and to various homeschool groups.


Brian Schneider

Brian was born and raised in New York City. He began his lighting career with his high school lays. Afterward, Brian worked in Off- Broadway theaters while attending Bard College, where
he graduated with a BFA in Film.

Brian's career is compiled of varied experience. He provided lighting for numerous theaters and museums, including the HERE Arts Center, Sotheby's, Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, American Museum of Natural History, the National Civil Rights Museum, in Memphis, TN and the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC.

Upon moving to Lafayette, Louisiana in 2011, Brian accepted the position of Technical Director for the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

In 2015 Brian started his own lighting design firm, Footcandle Lighting and Electric. As a licensed and bonded electrician, he can offer turn key solutions covering both design and
installation. Now Brian is involved in several residential and landscape lighting projects. He loves working with the people of South Louisiana, and integrating Louisiana's culture and point
of view, with his personal style.