Invisible Like Gravity


Feb 11 2017 - 7:30pm - May 14 2017 - 5:00pm

AcA's Main Gallery

Literature has the ability to transport the reader to a place, time, and or space that is only accessible through the act of reading the text.  Visual art can also act as a portal to a uniquely cerebral experience revealed through the artifacts created by the artist. The 10 artists represented in the AcA’s Invisible Like Gravity exhibition each exemplify this intuitively heady experience.  They offer the viewer a gateway into their world of ideas, notions and points of meditations.  This exhibition is a testament to how slowed-down the “art experience” can be, as each work will bring with it an ambiguously familiar point of entry that leads to a uniquely poetic assemblage. 

Scott Andresen
David Aylsworth
Jane Cassidy
Cece Cole
Evan Koch
Maria Levitsky
Brooke Pickett
Edward Pramuk
Jeffery Rinehart
Scot Sinclair
Hannah Walters


Image: David Aylsworth