Be an Advocate Day

One day to bring the community together.

Be an Advocate Day is as simple as...

1. Switch your pic

We’ve got three awesome profile pictures. Chose the one you want and change your profile on June 19th, or keep it up all month long! 

2. Post it up

Share any of the posts about Arts Adovcacy on any platform. Tag your post with #ArtsAdvocacy19 so we can share it!

3. Share with your friends

Share, tag, send to your friends in your posts! Try to get as many of your followers to like, share and copy your posts throughout social media. 

Need Content to Post?

Did you know many of the parishes in Acadiana do not provide arts in education for elementary students? We need to work with out community to bring arts to the classroom. #ArtsAdvocacy19

Too many of our local artists leave Acadiana without knowing about resources to help their career. We’ve got to keep local talent here! 

We need to build a stronger arts community in Acadiana. Let’s help our artists grow! 

Don't forget to use #ArtsAdvocacy19 in your post!