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Annie Spell’s Story

by in RaiseYourVoice

This is an excerpt from Megan Wyatt’s article “Acadiana Center for the Arts to collect stories of impact with ‘Raise Your Voice'” for The Advocate.

AcA Board Member Annie Spell has appreciated the visual arts for most of her life.

Her Raise Your Voice Moment happened in 2013 while fighting stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma. While going through cancer treatments, Spell would conjure up a peaceful image in her mind to cope with the physical pain. She found that exact mental image painted onto a canvas one day in a painting by Lafayette artist Kathy Dumensil.

“What I saw in that painting was the exact depiction of what I saw during those moments of meditation,” Spell said. “I think being ill gave me a lot more moments like that. Art continues to seize me in that way. It’s a reflection of myself in that moment.”

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