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ArtWalk, June 13, 2020

by in People‚ Programs

This past Saturday, we celebrated the re-opening of the building for ArtWalk, and I consider the community’s response a huge indicator of the impact of our work. The arts are vital—not optional—for a community that is healthy, inclusive, and vibrant.

We had over 300 people pass through the galleries (in mask) and many more out on the street, which we closed for the evening. We hosted performances, live paintings, and street vendors on our block and saw one of the most diverse and lively crowds for ArtWalk.

AcA’s staff handled the special requirements needed for gathering indoors with grace and firmness, and I applaud the work of our curator Jaik Faulk in not only creating a few magnificent shows for the public to view but also for engaging the young artists collective Willingly Rejected.

We also launched members-only gallery hours from 4pm-6pm, which allowed our supporters the opportunity to avoid any kind of crowd and to tour the galleries with more peace and focus than is usually possible during ArtWalk. This will be a regular feature of ArtWalk going forward, and we look forward to building on it’s success!

I thought the evening was a triumph in every regard, and I look forward to welcoming people back into the building during regular gallery and cafe hours and during July’s ArtWalk.

Samuel Oliver, Executive Director