When you dream bigger for the arts, you're dreaming bigger for our community.

We started the "Dream Bigger" campaign in 2016 as our bi-annual membership drive and fundraising campaign. Dedicated AcA patron and renowned local artist, Francis Pavy, once said of AcA, "Talented younger and emerging artists can come into these gallery spaces and visualize themselves showing work here because, well, their friends have. It becomes an attainable goal. It's a world-class space so people can dream a little bigger." With his words our Dream Bigger fundraiser was born.

AcA is a place that does more than produce performances, exhibitions, and arts integrated programs. It's a place that brings community together to experience, to create, to collaborate, and to dream about how the arts can impact our community and move it forward.

We ask you to join our mission of fostering art and culture in Acadiana by becoming involved. 

Becoming a member of AcA is an investment. Your investment in our organization makes you an investor of the arts in our community. The best part, you get to be a member of AcA for an entire year, receiving benefits while deepening your relationship with our organization. Become a member and explore something new AcA has to offer.

Not interested in becoming a member, but you'd still like to donate to our cause? AcA donors are valued patrons of our organization. They believe in our mission and want to help keep our engines running. We appreciate you.

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