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Songwriters Side by Side – Maison Stéphanie

Saturday, April 23, 2022

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Acadiana Center for the Arts is excited to bring you the Songwriters Side-by-Side series: An intimate evening of music, art, and cuisine, set against the backdrop of a historic home in Acadiana.

This magical event includes an outdoor concert featuring Zachary Richard and Cadie Rees, delicious food, festive cocktails, and a silent auction highlighting local artists.

About the Musicians

Cajun rebel Zachary Richard has been offering his zesty, unique fusion of traditional cajun, zydeco, rock, and New Orleans blues since the early ’70s. 

Richard has been a key figure in the revitalization of Cajun music. He has also been a longtime social activist, using his potent song lyrics to promote Cajun pride and solidarity in the face of long-standing injustice and prejudice.

This activism originally alienated Richard from some conservative, traditional Cajun artists and from audiences unprepared for the underlying kick of his punchy party music.

She’s a Cajun Gypsy Troubadour

Cadie Rees has lived all over the place. Her huge crazy family has moved 22 times! And then Cadie has been blessed to travel all over the country and across the ocean with her family bands, L’Angélus and the Rees Family Band. Which is why you might call her solo presentation a sort of funky international gumbo. But let’s not forget that every gumbo starts with a trinity. Her foundation is a good groove, a passionate voice, and lyrics that can touch your heart and stir your soul. 

Cadie was raised and slow cooked in the crock pot of Louisiana culture. Seasoned with a love of French waltzes. She spices it up with all sorts of things. Rock’n’roll, soul, old country, a few Cajun tunes, folk songs, and a bunch of originals are the spread. Cadie has a meat and potatoes approach to how she plays her old archtop guitar. The entree is a delicious musical delight! The feast is finished off with a love of the sweet people she’s been lucky-blessed to know and the music they make deep within her Cajun Gypsy Troubadour heart. 

If you’re in the area early, looking for something to do, stop by the Fête de la Nature – BioBlitz and Crawfish Benefit, featuring Lost Bayou Ramblers and Dicky Landry over at the Atelier de la Nature for a family-friendly event celebrating Acadiana’s special natural surroundings, through art, music, food and science.

  • Type: Songwriters Side by Side,Special Event
  • Time: April 23, 2022 - 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Venue:Maison Stephanie
  • Duration:5 hours