We provide opportunities for artists to thrive.

In 1975, we began as an arts council, and though we’ve grown to be multi-faceted, providing opportunities in the arts through granting and artist services is at the core of what we do. Whether you’re looking for granting opportunities, advice on a new project idea, or wondering how you might become a working artist in our community, our grant and outreach specialists are here to help.



Become a Preparator

Learn from our curators by becoming an exhibit preparator.

Apply for ArtSpark

We believe in supporting artists in our community to continue their work. Apply for an ArtSpark grant to be considered for funding.

Exhibit Your Work

We're home to seven exhibit spaces. If you're interested in being considered for an exhibition, we'd love to review your work.

Become a Teaching Artist

We run two programs that put artists into our schools as art teachers. Learn more and apply for our teaching artist programs.

LCG Arts + Culture

Decentralized Arts Funding

L. Hill Bonin Jr. Memorial Award


Arts Grants for Teachers

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