Play It Again is an instrument recycling program that was created to give the gift of music to students in Acadiana. With generous support from Cox Communications and Lafayette Music, AcA is able to collect old instruments that are no longer being used and repair them so they can be gifted to band programs in Acadiana public schools. The revival of donated instruments gives the gift of music to worthy students that would otherwise be denied the opportunity to participate in music education.

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We are currently seeking various instruments, ranging from flutes to violins to trumpets. If you have an instrument that is not being used and is of relatively decent condition, Play It Again drop off locations will be able to recieve instruments.

*All donations are tax-deductible and all donors receive written documentation of their gifts.

Drop Off Locations:

Acadiana Center for the Arts

101 W. Vermilion St.
Lafayette, LA 70501

Lafayette Music Company

3700 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA 70503


Silent Seats is an ongoing outreach program that provides enrichment, education and entertainment opportunities for under privileged and underserved youth who lack the economic means and awareness to independently access high quality performing arts events.

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Since its inception, we have identified Silent Seats Partners - individuals, organizations, foundations, and corporations - to sponsor this program. In turn, AcA manages the distribution of tickets through social service programs, school administrators, and, in some cases, to parents whose financial resources limit their ability to purchase tickets for their children to attend performance events. Through the generosity of Silent Seats partners, approximately 150 tickets are distributed to specific recipients each presenting season.

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