Dramatic, Funny, Poignant and Real

Days away from Still, Life: Women of the Bold New Old with Tales to Tell and the actors are giving us a behind the scenes, honest look at the hard work and vulnerability that went into bringing creator Patricia Sidman’s words to life.

Still, Life: Women of the Bold New Old with Tales to Tell is a collection of short, spoken-word theatrical pieces—dramatic, funny, poignant and real—portraying forces that shaped today’s older women, experiences that affect them today, and visions they hold for the future. Developed through interviews, storytelling and workshops, culminating in this performance event and enhanced by projected imagery and original photography, this piece is performed by women actors who are all over the age of 60. 

Patricia Sidman said, “This cast has formed into a group of good friends, even though no one knew everyone else beforehand…”

Different stories, different paths through life, these seven women found commonalities through the project. Musician, community theater member, life coach, grant writer, and more, this production supports the idea that we are more alike than we are different, no matter how we come to the common realizations of life.

Now—we asked and they told. Read below for Q&As from the all female cast about their hopes, challenges and inspiration in working on Still, Life: Women of the Bold New Old with Tales to Tell.



Why did you want to be involved in this production?

“Patricia, like so many of my friends our age, have all had these conversations about where we have been and how we will navigate this last chapter of our lives.  When she told me her idea for bringing these conversations to life through storytelling, I was all in!”
—Sally Hamana

Who do you want to experience this performance?

“I believe there is something for everyone in this performance, because these stories chronicle a journey, the human journey.”
—Sally Hamana

“Every female, of every age.”
—Pat Cravins


What has been challenging about bringing this script to life?

“To make it real and honest and give truth to Patricia’s words.”
—Amanda Newberry

What’s going to surprise people about this performance?  

“I predict people will be surprised at how deeply these stories will touch them on a personal level and the subsequent conversations they will spark.”
—Sally Hamana

“How much our experiences mirror those of other women.”
—Pat Cravins

“The power of words alone. The range of emotions without props or dialogue.”
—Patricia Sidman


What have you enjoyed most about working with this cast?  

“Sharing this experience with these amazing women is really a joy and the collaborative process with this group is so energizing, I am always surprised how quickly the times flies by during rehearsals.”
—Sally Hamana

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