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We started working with the St. Landry Parish School Board to ensure that their students are receiving arts in their classrooms. Right now, we are working in 32 schools in St. Landry Parish


The Teaching Artist Program provides the opportunity for your students to experience a broad range of art forms and innovative arts activities in your classroom and school! Music, movement, creative writing, visual arts, and folk life are only a few of the available topics for you to consider. Each of the Session Options is designed and presented by a local professional Teaching Artist. The quality of our education programs is directly related to the high caliber and expertise of our Teaching Artists.


Touring Arts is a program to introduce students to professional performances in dance, theatre, music, puppetry, storytelling, and more from local and national performers. Each performance serves a specific age or grade level. The Touring Arts Program provides opportunities for schools to request performances at their location or local theaters.

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