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Touring Arts

Creativity can change a child's life. Bring students to live performances or bring performances to your school!

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In-School Performance Booking 

  • To book a performance, contact:

    Paige Krause
    337-233-7060 ext. 232
    [email protected]
  • Each performance is designed to serve a specific age or grade level. Please check the suggested level before scheduling.
  • Confirm availability early. Performance dates, times and fees are subject to change.


  • Click here to download the 2017–2018 Arts in Education Catalog.

Theater Performances

With Touring Arts you can introduce your students to professional performances in dance, theater, music, puppetry, storytelling and more!

Le Papillon: Celebrating Floyd Sonnier’s Acadiana

Ballet Acadiana

Acadiana Center for the Arts

Grades 1–6

$6 per seat

This original performance features a marvelous melange of art, folk ballet, ballet, original and live music provided by The Has Beans, along with bilingual narration by adult and child actors, and projections of iconic drawings of Floyd Sonnier onto stage where they come to life with the collaboration. This unique cultural product is a salute to Acadian culture and life in Acadiana, providing a glimpse of the 1930–50 era remembered and sketched in Sonnier’s authentic style. Don’t miss this important authentic expression of a unique cultural identity, which absolutely needs to be expressed in multiple art forms!

A Very Electric Christmas

Lightwire Theater

Heymann Performing Arts Center

Grades 1–6

$6 per seat

In this wonderful story, Santa’s helpers are putting the final touches on presents as a young bird named Max and his family head south for the winter. Poor Max gets blown off course during a snowstorm, and he ends up alone and lost at the North Pole. As he tries to make his way home, his adventure begins when he encounters friendly caroling worms, dancing poinsettias, Nutcracker soldiers, mischievous mice and an evil Rat King. This delightful holiday production will make children wide-eyed with delight and warm even the smallest of hearts.

Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

Acting Up (in Acadiana)

Acadiana Center for the Arts

Grades 6–12

$6 per seat

We find ourselves in ever-divisive social-political times. The Tempest ponders distinguishing men from monsters, the desire to rule, power relationships, and ultimately surrendering power for the hope of the future. Acting Up (in Acadiana)’s concept illuminates the feminine elements of mother earth, as well as the importance of books and intellectualism.

In-School Performances

So Many Ways to Be Smart

Stuart Stotts

Grades K-5
$375 single/$525 double

A celebration of reading, writing, math, creativity and relating to others, this program draws on the ideas of multiple intelligences and inspires kids to learn and think about how they learn. Depending on the age of the audience, there are songs like Jennifer Montgomery, I know Math, Dog in School, Mi Cuerpo and stories of frogs, locusts and oonkaloonka fish. The title song rounds it all out. There is also plenty of laughter and audience participation. Guaranteed to please kids and adults.

Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics

Li Liu

Grades K-5
$350 single/$500 double

In this one-woman acrobatic performance, Li Liu performs hand balancing, plate spinning, ribbon dancing, diabolos and foot juggling. A limited number of volunteers get to join her on stage to create an impromptu ribbon dance, and also to try their hand at plate spinning. Educational connections are made with the Chinese language and culture. Li explains some of the rituals of Chinese New Year, teaches the audience some basic Chinese phrases, and encourages them to think about what it might have been like to grow up in a different time and place.

Music, Stories and Immeasurably More!

Baba the Storyteller

Grades 3-8
$375 single/$525 double

Baba the Storyteller is an author, musician and cultural educator. His recently published memoir, Road of Ash and Dust: Awakening of a Soul in Africa chronicles his first journey to Africa in search of an ancestral connection and ranked #1 on Amazon’s African-American Studies section. Baba is one of the few recognized U.S. born practitioners of the ancient West African storytelling craft known as Jaliyaa. He has received numerous awards over the years for his work as a folklorist, ethno-musician, storyteller, community activist and volunteer. We welcome Baba to Lafayette to perform for the students of Acadiana! Discover the bridges that connect Africa's cultures, languages, geography, and history to our own through the exceptional artistry of this captivating performer!

Cajun Mardi Gras

Daniel and the Lions

Grades preK-2
$300 single/$450 double

Daniel and his band lead you through an adventurous and interactive music performance where he'll take you deep into the Cajun prairies to show you how to celebrate Mardi Gras the old-time Cajun way with traditional costumes, French chants, rollicking music, dancing, and maybe even a wild chase after a chicken.

Drop the B.E.A.T. (Bullying Ends After Talking)

Kabuki Dancers featuring Dexter (Blacksmith Poets) & Pucci Percussion

Grades 5-8
$300 single/$450 double

This new program addresses the many forms of bullying present in the lives of youth today. Whether it's physical, verbal or cyber, the goal is to discuss cause-effect, as well as the role self-confidence and communication play when dealing with this topic. Through dance, spoken word poetry and a live conga drum/turtablism fusion, audiences are engaged through discussion about how to cope and ultimtely overcome bullying! The program concludes with a drum and dance workshop for all to participate in. Kabuki Dancers, Dexter of Blacksmith Poets & Pucci Percussion are a local group of performing artists dedicated to the improvement of our community through art and self-expression.

Outreach Special Initiatives

Take Me to the River

Acadiana Center for the Arts

Grades 9-12

As part of the AcA’s AllStars series, Take Me to the River will present a live performance experience based on the award-winning film and record that brought together multiple generations of iconic Memphis Delta musicians to record a historic new album and reimagine the utopia of racial, gender and generational collaboration of Memphis (Stax, High Records) in its heyday. This live show will feature legends William Bell, Bobby Rush and Charlie Musselwhite. In this Outreach Special Initiative, music students will have the opportunity to visit with the director of the film as well as William Bell (2017 Grammy winner). *Advanced music students only

Malpaso Dance Company

Grades 5-12

$475 single

In less than five short years since its establishment in 2012, Malpaso Dance Company has already become one of the most sought after Cuban dance companies with a growing international profile. Emphasizing a collaborative creative process, Malpaso is committed to working with top international choreographers while also nurturing new voices in Cuban choreography. The company tours with 11 dancers and is led by its original three founders: resident choreographer and Artistic Director Osnel Delgado, Executive Director Fernando Sáez, and dancer and co-founder Daileidys Carranzana.

The Hot Sardines

Grades 9-12

$475 single

The Hot Sardines (part of the AcA’s AllStars season) are a talented New York-based ensemble who bring to life music made famous decades ago through their brassy horn arrangements, rollicking piano melodies and vocals from a chanteuse who transports listeners to a different era with the mere lilt of her voice.

Femme: A Celebration of Women in Acadiana Music

Grades 9-12

$475 single

South Louisiana women singers and musicians come together for a musical experience that will be a journey through the heart and soul of Cajun and Creole culture. For this special outreach initiative, Anna Laura Edmiston, Kristie Guillory and Megan Brown will lead the journey!

globalFEST on the road: The New Golden Age of Latin Music

Grades 9-12

$475 single

The New Golden Age of Latin Music is being created right here in the United States. The Mexican-American communities of Arizona and California have emerged as hotbeds of musical creativity, merging styles that reflect the changing borders and shared cultural identities between Mexico and the United States. Orkesta Mendoza and Las Cafeteras are two of today’s most exciting bands, forging inspired new paths for the fabled Latin sound. 

Dance Heginbotham

Grades 9-12

$475 single

School-site lecture/demo

Dance Heginbotham is a New York-based contemporary dance company committed to supporting, producing and sustaining the work of choreographer John Heginbotham. With an emphasis on collaboration, Dance Heginbotham enriches national and international communities with its unique blend of inventive, thoughtful and rigorous dance theater works.