Arts Experiences for All

Program Plan

The Vision: Every student Pre-K through 5th grade will receive in-school experience and field trip experiences in all art forms.

The Plan:

  • Expand Lafayette Parish School System PACE partnership with AcA into all schools and all classrooms PreK–3rd grade.
  • Bring High School band programs to perform for 4th graders.
  • Partner with local arts organizations to provide field trip opportunities to performances and museums

Student Impact Numbers

The Outcome:

After six years with Arts Experiences for All, every student entering 6th grade will have had:

  •  EIGHTY visual art or movement lessons through P.A.C.E.


  • NINE cultural field trips and in-school experiences in Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual Art, and Creative Writing

This is the new model we will continue using and refining annually.



  • Lafayette Parish School System, Acadiana Center for the Arts, PASA, Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, and the Hilliard Art Museum have partnered to make this program possible


  • Community partners have committed to fundraising to ensure that these experiences can be accessible to all students.
  • These organizations represent our performing arts, visual art, and arts-integration partners.
  • This partnership model helps make every dollar stretch as far as possible.