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Acadiana Center for the Arts
Acadiana Center for the Arts
101 W Vermilion St, Lafayette, LA


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Sun, May 26, 2024


7:00 pm

Last Man Out Of Babylon – A Dege Legg Tribute

It’s a call to arms, or better yet, a call to hearts.

We’re rounding up the tribe to celebrate the wild, wonderful life of our brother in arms, the indomitable Dege Legg. This isn’t just any gathering—it’s a tribute to a soul who lived with the throttle wide open, a night to honor our friend, musician, and artist with every ounce of joy and revelry he deserves.

Donations at the door will help fund the creation of a memorial mural downtown. 

Imagine a night where the guitars cry just a little sweeter, and the drums beat with the heart of the bayou. We’ll be there, under the soft lights of the Acadiana Center for the Arts, surrounded by the art and spirit that Dege loved. It’s a night for stories told, songs sung, and dances danced in his memory. Bring your best tales, your favorite memories, and let’s fill the gallery and theater with the essence of a life beautifully lived.

We’ll have music from Dege’s friends cranked up loud and art that reminds us why we create. This is our time to lean on each other, to laugh, cry, and remember a man who was more than a friend—he was a force.

Join us as we celebrate Dege: his art, his music, his unforgettable spirit. Come to share, come to listen, and come to say farewell in the way he would have loved best—with a grand, glorious bash at the heart of Acadiana.

Come early check out the Dege Legg art exhibition in the Reaux Family Vault. (https://acadianacenterforthearts.org/…/last-man-out-of…)
The exhibit is open through May 26th. The night of the tribute show will be your last chance to see this amazing multimedia exhibition of sight and sound that encompasses Dege’s life in music.

The event is finished.