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Emerge blends ideas concerning elements of mythology, psychology, abjection, and the feminine. It is largely inspired visual culture research exploring the History of the Shadow, Film/Literature, and the symbolic nature of Water in connection with the human form. Theses ideas allow me to express the cyclical nature of our lives and all the uncertainties that it entails. To be forever waiting. To be torn apart internally and externally. Of the familiar and the un-heimlich. Of being in between spaces and longing for the other. Of Liminality. Of floating in limbo knowing something is coming but it is inescapable, familiar, and haunting. Yet still we wait in this limbo of being. These preoccupations come from my immersion in memory, history, my mindset as a printmaker, my interest in Place, in the body, and its uncanny limits. These hauntings are what I aim to illuminate.

  • Curator: Jaik Faulk


Sep 14 2019 - Nov 09 2019


All Day




Side Gallery, The Reaux Family Vault, ArtHouse
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