Eric Hitt: A Ship’s Worth

Artist's Statement

Eric Hitt (American, b. 1995)
Introspection is an effective tool for better understanding ourselves. Often, self-understanding is obstructed by a mass of ideas and expectations given to us by others, tying us down, so that it becomes necessary to look inward to discover what we ourselves truly value. Where do our choices truly come from, and how do they affect our larger reality? This idea has become the predominant theme and function of the work, and serves to act as a vehicle to examine the effects of personal choices. Constructing the form is a meditative and intuitive process. Early on, the placement of string has little effect on the structure. As more string is added and additional linear connections are made, the overall form begins to change. Only when one steps back and regards the work as a singular entity can the cumulative effects of multiple, singular choices be seen. Each choice, each decision plays a role in the formation the work, just as each personal choice contributes to the formation of our lives.

Artist's Bio

Eric Hitt is a sculptor based in Lafayette, Louisiana creating site-specific installations made of rope, string and twine. His current installation, A Ship’s Worth is designed and executed in direct response to our Coca-Cola Gallery. In addition, this project is supported in part by an ArtSpark Grant provided by Lafayette Economic Development Authority and administered by the Acadiana Center for the Arts.


This project is supported in part by ArtSpark, an Individual Artist stipend supported by the Lafayette Economic Development Authority and administered by the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Acadiana Center for the Arts

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