Terrance Michael Morgan


Creative Movement


Teaching Artist Program


Lafayette Parish & Saint Landry Parish

Born and raised in Louisiana, he is on a mission to improve the lives of today’s youth by promoting positive youth development through the act of art, dance, speaking and more. Morgan began as a self-taught dancer doing mostly free-style (improvisation) where he was introduced to the hip hop dance style of B-Boying. This led to him becoming a member of a local dance group called Kabuki Kru. He began traveling throughout the U.S. to participate in underground B-Boy Battles and continued learning about a variety of dance styles.

He currently travels as a motivational and educational speaker/artist that performs in schools, libraries, festivals, and more weekly to spread his message of positivity. He has been affiliated with the Acadiana Center for the Arts since 2004 and is also currently a touring artist for Young Audiences of Louisiana.