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Evan Koch: Laminae Verso

Artist’s Statement

The earth exists in a perpetual state of motion, internally and externally creating and destroying. Within the contexts of art history and basic human perception, what we believe to be and refer to as landscape is an abstraction- an abbreviation, a compression, and to some extent, an acceptance within the artificial borders of sight, mind, and time. My work is informed by a fascination with the earth’s geological processes, by personal travels, and also by innovations in the fields of photography and art. I am interested in exploring and expanding the construct regarded as landscape, as well as the ability of paint to represent my own ideas about this subject.

Artist’s Process

My work is typically, but not exclusively made in reverse. Glass is heavily involved in the process, but not included in the final product. Each piece is heavily layered in order to build an atmospheric effect. As stated earlier, not all works are layered in reverse, rather some are layered top to bottom.


Jun 09 2018 - Sep 25 2018


All Day




Coca-Cola Studio
101 W Vermilion St, Lafayette, LA 70501
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