Gabrielle Savoy


Visual Arts


Teaching Artist Program


Lafayette Parish

I grew up in southwest Louisiana, but have also traveled and lived all over the world. I’ve been an artist and a writer for as long as I can remember. I was raised in an extremely creative family of musicians, artists, photographers, etc. I was inspired by how my parents made a name for themselves in our culture by doing what they loved to do, which was play cajun music. I drew from that and started creating pieces inspired by my experiences here in my home of Louisiana.

I interviewed and was accepted into NOCCA as an adolescent and also attended ULL for visual arts. I have worked teaching art with both children and adults. I have taught both in public schools as well as in private lessons. I’ve created summer art camps for kids, as well.

My experience working with children is vast. I’ve been the babysitter, the au pair, the teacher, the nanny, the mentor, etc. Children and the arts are two of my deepest passions and I can think of no better way to combine the two.