Lauren Daigle


Visual Arts


Teaching Artist Program


Lafayette Parish

Born and raised in Crowley, LA. I have been into art as far back as I can remember, constantly doodling. I first took art classes at Notre Dame High School where my teacher, Mike Lemaire pushed me to pursue art. Christmas 2014 I received my first power tool–a jigsaw–and began making as many pieces I possibly could. My first show as at Festival International in 2015; I maybe had 10 pieces that first year.

I began vending at Downtown Lafayette Artwalk after that and still do to this day. I’m constantly adding new tools to my collection and always learning new techniques. My Great-Grandfather, Brady Foreman, is my biggest influence. He painted the most beautiful landscapes. I am also influenced by Louisiana–the Cajun culture, the people, nature, music. Currently, I’m focusing on building things out of wood, both small and large scale and old school traditional sign painting.