Lynne Clearfield


Creative Movement


Primary Academic Creative Experiences (P.A.C.E.)


Lafayette Parish

Lynne Clearfield has been teaching dance and creative movement for over 25 years. She holds the Masters of Education in Dance degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has also worked with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and the American Dance Festival. Her teaching experience includes working with ‘dancers’ as well as ‘non-dancers:’ children, teens, and college students, as well as adults and seniors.

She has been a Teaching Artist for the PACE program in the Lafayette Parish School System since 2010, where she supports children in practicing being “movement artists,” creating movement together in visually interesting ways that also deepens student understandings in language, math, science and social studies, while strengthening the skills necessary for both individual expression and collaboration.

Prior to this work, Lynne taught Modern Technique, Dance History and Pedagogy to dance majors at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Lynne has a modern dance background and loves to share the art of improvisation as well as the creative process with her students.