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We want to help you bring arts to your community.

We invest in arts-based projects that significantly enhance the cultural life of the community and promote local artists. In this role, we provide direct support for artists, festivals, and cultural organizations in our eight-parish region. The AcA strives to support artists in meeting their full potential and help them develop professional careers through advocacy at the local, state-wide, and national levels.

Looking for an arts organization near you?

Looking for funding for a project?

We have several grant opportunities that will help you fund arts projects in your community. Regardless if you are an artist, educator, school or nonprofit, we have grant programs that can help. 

Artist Opportunities

Are you trying to give deeper into the arts industry? We have a few options that will give you experience. 

Become a Preparator
Learn from our curators by becoming an exhibit preparator. Preparators get galleries set up for upcoming exhibits. 

Exhibit Your Work
We’re home to seven exhibit spaces. If you’re interested in being considered for an exhibition, we’d love to review your work.

Become a Teaching Artist
We run two programs that put artists into our schools as art teachers. Learn more and apply for our teaching artist programs.

Design an ArtBox                        The ArtBox Public Art Initiative is a project aimed at transforming traffic boxes around Lafayette into beautiful pieces of public art.

Outreach Programs

One of our goals is to make the arts more accessible in our region. Both of these programs help make that possible.

Silent Seats

Attending live performance is a memorable experience and can bring joy to people of all ages. It offers an immersive and interactive environment, encourages creativity, and increases cultural literacy. Silent Seats provides equal access to live performances at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. We work closely with social service organizations throughout Acadiana to offer seats – all at no cost – to individuals who may otherwise have limited exposure to attending performances in dance, music, theatre, and more. 

Since its inception, we have identified Silent Seats Partners – individuals, organizations, foundations, and corporations – to sponsor this program.  Through the generosity of Silent Seats partners, approximately 150 tickets are distributed to specific recipients each presenting season.

Contact for more info

If your organization would like to express an interest in the Silent Seats program, please fill out our survey

Thank You To Our Sponsor:

Play It Again

Play It Again is an instrument recycling program that was created to give the gift of music to students in Acadiana. We collect instruments that are no longer being used and repair them so they can be gifted to band programs in Acadiana public schools. We work directly with band directors to identify needs and organize donations to build band program inventory. All donated instruments stay in the band program so that students can benefit from year to year! 

Do you have an instrument to donate?

We are currently seeking various instruments, ranging from flutes to violins to trumpets. If you have an instrument that is not being used and is of relatively decent condition, Play It Again drop off locations will be able to recieve instruments.

*All donations are tax-deductible and all donors receive written documentation of their gifts.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Drop Off Locations

Lafayette Music Company

3700 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA 70503

Acadiana Center for the Arts

101 W. Vermilion St.
Lafayette, LA 70501