AcA currently provides grant funding and professional development services to the eight-parish region, but these resources are scarce and the pathway for the development of creative entrepreneurs often leads them out of the region to larger cities.

Through this pathway, AcA will provide a comprehensive, multi-channeled approach to surround artists, musicians, and those talented individuals who serve and work in the arts with resources to further build and scale the creative sector in Acadiana.

We envision Acadiana as a region that is recognized nationally for its multicultural artistic heritage and its robust pipeline of diverse artists and musicians.

With transformational support, your investment will launch and expand key projects that support the creative sector in Acadiana:

Creative Acadiana, a comprehensive career development service for Acadiana artists as entrepreneurs, providing year round counseling, skill-building, and funding to elevate their work to a national stage.

Cultural Leadership Summit, a regular convening to build the knowledge, networks, and sustainability of current and future leaders of arts and culture in Acadiana.

Transformation Fund, a granting program to invest intensively in organizations through funding the creation of full-time staff positions for a limited period while they build capacity and sustainability. The Transformation Fund aims to enact systemic impact on Acadiana’s cultural profile, particularly by providing service to and representation of BIPOC communities.

Pathway Goal: $2Million

“Investing in our culture helps create a strong and vibrant community because culture inspires creativity and connection. By investing in cultural initiatives, we provide a fertile ground for innovation to thrive. Cultural activities encourage thinking outside the box, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and the exploration of new ideas, which can have far-reaching positive effects.

“By valuing and supporting our cultural expressions, we cultivate a thriving and inclusive community that is enriched by its unique identity and shared experiences. Cultural investment provides opportunities for people to interact, share experiences, and build relationships. These connections create a stronger social fabric, promoting understanding, empathy, and cooperation among all its members.

“By investing in cultural initiatives, we not only preserve our heritage and identity but ensure that future generations have a connection to their roots.This sense of continuity encourages pride, respect and a shared understanding of who we are as a people.

“Culture enriches lives. Culture inspires. Culture brings people together. Culture fosters understanding and solidarity. Investing in culture helps improve our quality of life.”

—Erica Fox, Founder, Maison Freetown